Andora Holleyman: We both find it to be much more pleasurable to take turns.

...but dont quite fit thank you, Mary Chapin Carpenter or at least, they havent yet. Heres hoping that is about to change. To get you to really read what Ive written, I will address the Important Numbers first 53, 120 lbs. I am NOT curvy, BBW, carrying a few extra pounds, or any other term for fat. Yep, Ive kept myself up quite well. So, now that your mind has been set at ease, its your turn to pay attention. I am seeking a longterm relationship marriage, eventually with a DWM between 45 and 60. I have no preconceived notions of what you should do for a living, what your hobbies ought to be, how much money you must have accrued, etc. However, there are aspects of your character that, through experience, I know are important for me to avoid. So, you will NOT be a match for me if you 1 are a holy roller 2 are a dittohead or teapartier 3 smoke, do drugs including 420, or overindulge in alcohol 4 are physically unappealing due to any STD or excessive weight 5 are uneducated/semiilliterate i.e., you cant spell, form a complete sentence, or know the difference between to/too/two and your/youre. If you fit any of the above descriptions, please save us both some time and move on to the next ad. Also vitally important You should know who you are and what you are willing to do for/in a quality relationship. If you would even consider breaking up with someone via email yes, some men are that callow/cowardly/coldhearted love that alliteration please hang up and dial again. If you are unwilling to tell your date/girlfriend/partner that something she said or did made you feel hurt, angry, or any other negative emotion i.e., allowing all your unexpressed resentments to build up instead, then delete this and forward to the next post. In line with that, if you believe that relationships are magical entities where the parties involved know via osmosis exactly how to relate to each other from the first moment they meet...with no growing pains are too unrealisti

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